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At Big Island Personal Tours, our mission is to provide personalized and unforgettable tour experiences to our clients while promoting sustainable tourism practices and supporting the local community. As a family-oriented business, we are committed to creating customized tours that cater to our clients' unique interests and preferences. We deeply respect the island and its locals, and are dedicated to showcasing the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Big Island. In addition to operating as a tour desk and conducting tours on land and sea, we offer electric bicycles and other electric powered recreational equipment for rent or sale, providing eco-friendly options for exploring the island. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and create lifelong memories for our clients, while preserving the beauty and integrity of the Big Island for generations to come.


At Big Island Personal Tours, we value personalized experiences, expertise, respect for local culture and sustainability. We strive to provide exceptional service to create unforgettable tour experiences for our clients.